Trust is something that can be abused.
Trust is violated when you are used.
Trust can be built then torn down.
Trust that is broken sometimes goes on without a sound.

In life sometimes we are dismayed.
As in life sometimes we are betrayed...

Silence goes on without a word.
The fear and dread and pain that is never heard.
I too understand your pain.
The silence I live with like a chain.

Stand in the Rain!
and stand your ground...

Many of these sites to my knowledge have never been viewed.  Years back before I had to delete my domains I did alright in the search engines but now my rankings are almost nowhere.  Still I have faith knowing God will restore me and soon.  Right now I pay a lot of money for these sites only to get nowhere.  I am hoping one day this site will be viewed and you will have the same faith I had before the LORD restored me.  amen